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Cлова песен Andru Donalds


I used to laugh aloud
When you were around
Now you're far away
You can't even hear me

And every little word
You said to me
As I fell asleep
Now they're fading whispers
I can't remember

I believed we were in this together
Giving everything for a chance at forever

And I'm a dreamer
Who shoulda known better
And I thought you had a dream here too

Oh, and I'm a dreamer
Who shoulda known better
Cause now I have to live,
I have to live in this dream without you

With every other word
You made me yours
With every wish you breathed
And every promise

Did you read my mind
Tell me every line
That I longed to hear
You were so convincing
But you left me empty

I remember when we were both so na?ve
And now you're telling me that you never believed

(i'm just a dreamer, dreamer
i shoulda known better, better)

When did it all become too much
Couldn't you fight a little harder for us
Something deep isnside you
So that means I couldn't know
That nothing was the way it seemed


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