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Cлова песен Andru Donalds

Lovin' you

Touch, something you do that makes me high
Just give me wings and I'll fly
Straight to your heart, and forever I'll remain

Cry, too many tears are not enough
Expressing to you how much I love
Sharing your mind, and your soul
Forever and a day

You're my desire, you are my pain
You are my fire, you are my wane
Flowing all over me
Take away this world
Are you…

Lovin'you, is so easy to do
Lovin'you, is so easy…

Kiss, feels like heaven's right by my door
Just like a river that…
Don't mind may drown, I don't mind,
Swimming in your river

When you were weak girl, I will be strong
When you were right girl, I may be wrong
You take my breath away
And I want you to know
With every beat of my heart

When your smile keeps a long…
They'd rather have many miles away
You're my steaminer, my breath of life


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