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Cлова песен Andru Donalds

Waiting For The Hurricane

I see I read our lives in the news
It’s about inner fate is whether if we’ll win or lose
Can’t you see there’s always a way to never waste time
But inner faith and dreams release the tension, so

Unchain your mind
Unchain your mind, oh

And the day can never happen waiting for the hurricane
If we look too far ahead today is gone
You will always miss the moment waiting for the hurricane
Cause the fear of the future hides the sun
If you can’t seem to find new oceans and a little bit more
Slowly we will fall, we can lose sight of the shore
But in the race to be the better or best
Don’t miss it, the joy of being or you will never rest, so

Unchain your mind (gotta unchain your mind)
Unchain your mind, oh

…can never happen
can never happen, waiting for the hurricane


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