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Cлова песен Shakira


Sophie, can you handle this
Kelsey can you hanlde this
Liz, can you handle this
I don't think Jess can handle this, whoooo

You better groove, cause we are near,
time to dance time to chear,
Lookin groovy, Lookin' fine,
Aswell as, a good time,
Pumpin Music everywhere
R&B you just don't care,
don't you wanna' dance with me
can you handle, handle me,

You gotta do much better if you wanna groove with us tonight,
you gotta work on fashion, if you wanna dance with me tonight,
read my lips carefully if you like what you see,
move, groove, proove, you can handle me,
by the looks of you, you wanna dance with me,
Go on and get some groovy clothes on baby.

I don't think your ready for us baby,
I don't think your ready for us baby,
I don't think your ready for us
Cause our bodys to groovilicious for ya babe.

I'm on the boat swining my oars


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