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Test. Present Continuous

Test 8. Present Continuous

  1. They (to begin) to think it is late.

    am begins
    are beginning
    is beginning

  2. She (to speak) to you.

    is speaking
    are speaking

  3. Somebody (to ring) the bell.

    is rings
    are ringing
    is ringing

  4. We (to meet)at the gate.

    are meeting
    is meeting
    am meeting

  5. Pesca (to teach) languages.

    am teaches
    is teaching
    are teaching

  6. My mother (to laugh).

    is laughing
    is laughs
    is laughes

  7. The Professor (to risk) blindly.

    am risking
    is risks
    is risking

  8. The friends (to walk) together.

    are walking
    is walking
    are walks

  9. He (to murmur) something.

    am murmuring
    is murmuring
    are murmuring

  10. Nobody (to cry).

    is cryes
    are crying
    is crying


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