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Test. Present Perfect.

Test 9. Present Perfect.

  1. He (to jump) on his knees.

    is jumping
    have jumped
    has jumped

  2. We (to rush) into the room.

    is rushed
    have rushed
    has rushed

  3. The girl (to speak) at last.

    am speaking
    is speaking
    has spoken

  4. I (to imagine)it at once.

    have imagined
    has imagined
    am imagining

  5. The women (to be) patient.

    has been
    have been
    is being

  6. Mother (to press)me to her bosom.

    has pressed
    have pressed
    is pressing

  7. We (to catch) our opportunity at last.

    has caught
    have caught
    had caught

  8. I (to make) my excuse.

    has made
    have make
    have made

  9. The boy (to bounce) upon the chair.

    has bounced
    has bounce
    have bounced

  10. The cabs (to stop) for the night.

    has stopped
    have stop
    have stopped


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